Graves Community Counseling is a small agency which believes that trees represent the members of our community. In order for each of us to grow and thrive, we must establish strong roots in our society. These roots grow best when planted in healthy soil, watered, and fed frequently. A community that is well educated about the struggles of its members is better able to nurture those in need. Furthermore, trees continually change with the seasons. They survive periods of growth when the conditions are good, but they also survive the winter when conditions are challenging. Trees need to sway with the wind and adapt to changing conditions, as does the community in which we live. We all have seasons of struggle, and the most effective way to get through these trying times is to do so with love and support. 


We would be honored to join you on your journey towards strength and wellbeing. It is our mission to empower you and the surrounding community through advocacy, education, treatment, and resource development. We are committed to providing a judgment free and confidential environment that will allow you the safety to freely and openly express yourself. 


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